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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 9, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning, intense manhunt, the search for two prisoners in its fourth day. new video of the manhole where they sprung to freedom and the prison worker being investigated. the question did she help them. health alert. rare and drug resistant a patient with an extreme form of tuberculosis. they're now tracing her steps. the family shocked after discovering what went wrong with their toilet. the plumber pulling a scaly reptiles from the pipe. opening match, the women's national soccer team kicking off in the world cup, oh with an exciting start.
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and good tuesday important to you all. thank you for spending time with us. i'm t.j. holmes. >> i'm brandi hitt in for reena ninan. the hunt for two escaped convicts stretched to two states and into canada. >> following up on hundreds of leads and looking to you for help and released these photos of the vicks' tattoos to try to help identify them. the biggest break right from that community in the shadow of the prison. abc's bazi kanani with the latest. >> reporter: on this fourth day of the intense manhunt it's cleared the inmates were well prepared but they apparently made at least one mistake after emerging from a manhole just one block away from the clinton maximum security prison in upstate new york. >> i said what the hell are you doing in my yard? get the hell out of here. >> he said sorry, i didn't know what i was. i'm on the wrong street. >> reporter: these neighbors may have first saw david sweat and hitched matt running through
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their backyard and sources tell abc news joyce mitchell was removed from her position after being questioned by investigators trying to figure out if the escapees had help. officials say the men were last seen in adjoining cells 10:30 friday night reported missing at 5:30 a.m. the next bed check leaving behind this taunting note. they used power tools to drill through a wall then climbed through a series of pipes, catwalks and a tunnel until sawing open that manhole. the community near the prison now on edge but farther away in the towns where sweat and matt used to live there is much less concern. >> i don't think they're dumb enough to go back to where people would be looking for them, you know. i think they're in scandal. >> reporter: bazi kanani abc news washington. also happening right now health investigators are courtroomleing to retrace the woman suffering from tuberculosis. the woman arrived in april from
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india then traveled to three states. here now abc's david kerley. >> reporter: a female patient is in isolation at the nih clinical center according to federal health officials in washington, d.c. she's being treated for what is called extensively drug resistant tuberculosis, a rare but dangerous form of the disease that defies many of the medications used to treat tb. the woman flew from india to the united states in april through chicago's o'hare airport then she spent time in missouri and tennessee, seven weeks in the u.s. before the diagnosis. the cdc and i will i will illinois department of health are reaching out to hundreds who were in contact with her. david kerley abc news washington. dennis hastert, one of the most powerful in washington appears in federal court. hastert has been in seclusion since yesterday when spotted at this gas station on his way to illinois from his vacation home. he's expected to plead not
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guilty to charges he lied to the fbi about withdrawals from his bank. that money allegedly used to keep quiet allegations of sexual abuse involving a former student. a former south carolina police officer who was smack dab in the middle of this country's debate over police brutality has now been indicted. the victim an unarmed black man fleeing a traffic stop michael slager that former officer, there he is he has been in jail the past few months since his arrest. slager supporters say it was justified and faces a 30-year prison sentence with no possibility for parole. protesters are demanding for justice calling for a police officer to be fired or charged there. community members angry with the officer's use of force after this pool party. now jarring video of this incident shows him forcing that teen to the ground. parents say black children were targeted by police here and here's how one of the teenagers in the video described what
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happened. >> he told me to keep walking and i kept walking and then i'm guessing he thought we were saying rude stuff to him and shoved me in the grass. he started pulling back on my braids. >> the teenager who recorded the video said his heart dropped when he saw the officer pull his gun. that officer is now on leave. authorities have released surveillance video of the takedown of an allegedterror suspect in boston. usaama rahim moves towards the officer, two officers move towards him. he then goes down. unclear from the video if rahim was carrying a knife as authorities claimed. rahim's family says the video raises more questions than answered. more alarming news about the nation's airport security after last week's shocking tsa investigation. it showed agents failing 95% of the time to find fake weapons or contraband. now a report from homeland security exposed another flaw. dozens of people on the terror watch list got security
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clearances from the tsa. whether any of the 73 people involved proved to dangerous, that part of the report secret. turn to extreme weather from coast to coast. >> flash flooding and heavy downpours in nashville. more than 2 inches in just a couple of hours. one look at the radar shows you where the mess will be. rain and severe storms stretching from the deep south all the way up to maine. hail and damaging wind gusts possible. meantime, the heat is breaking records up and down california. people were doing whatever they could to stay cool talking 102 degrees in burbank, 109 in gilroy. 105 in sacramento. all record-setting temperatures. rain is possible for much of the state today. remnants from tropical storm blanca are bringing moisture to southern california. but most of that rainfall from the system will be in arizona, nevada and colorado. congratulations to the u.s. women's soccer team already off to a winning start at the world cup being played in canada.
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>> it was the usa against australia, match played in winnipeg. americans took the lead with a goal from ah love this lovely lady megan rapinoe. christen press and then rapinoe put a cherry on top with her second goal and the u.s. wins 3-1. next up sweden on friday. but a good start to the world cup. still ahead, some drastic measures to avoid a nationwide egg shortage. think this morning investigators arrest a suspect accused of attacking realtors. the former military man now in custody. plus not as planned. the lowering of i man-made reef goes horribly wrong.
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can't help but chew.
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all right. well breakfast, kind of a big deal. you can't have breakfast without egg, can you? >> scrambled especially. >> would you believe they're telling us now there might be an egg shortage out there. you might show up to the store and might not see eggs. why? in some parts of the country it's because of avian flu. one texas grocery store is limiting purchases three cartons per customer. in order to ease the shortage the u.s. will allow them to be imported from the netherlands. no emergency yet. also topping business headline the big reveal from apple's am developers' conference was the new streaming music service.
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tim cook didn't stop there. it was also announced that the ios9 operating system will feature a smarter more inu tiff version of siri. apple pay will expand to use discover cards among several major retailers. starbucks has new six flavors but only for a limited time. lemon bar, caramel, cocoa cluster, red velvet and cotton can day and can't forget cinnamon roll. you can vote for your favorite. the winning flavor will be offered in a special promotion right around the fourth of july. when we come back convicted of killing his girlfriend went to prison but maybe not for long. oscar pistorius, is he about to walk free. we're talking about something creepy crawly and something you don't want to find in your toilet.
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phoenix and los angeles. well florida police have arrested a suspect for attacks on two real estate agents. >> paul j. pinkston is a retired air force major and picked up on a tip from those who found him on surveillance tape. he pretended to be interested in buying property then robbed two real estate agents last week. oscar pistorius will be released from a south african prison august 21st. by that time he will have served ten months of a five-year sentence. after leaving prison pistorius will be under house arrest. in november prosecutors will begin seeking a murder conviction against him in an appeals court. and a man who spent 43 years in solitary confinement will soon be freed. albert woodfox was convicted in 1972 of killing a guard at the louisiana state penitentiary. a court yesterday overturned that conviction and barred prosecutors from trying woodfox
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again. he has long maintained his innocence saying he was being punished for helping organize the prison's black panther chapter. a former student at penn state is suing the campus tore failing to act on his tips. he was burned with cigarettes forced to guzzle alcohol and exposed to a secret facebook page that degraded women. penn state has suspended the that fraternity but it strongly disputes his claims saying he refused to file a complaint tore provide documentation. it was supposed to create a diving experience in florida wears that would last forever but, man, it's not going to last five minutes, the artificial reef featuring 15 mines sculptures built designed to be sunk off the coast of deer field beach tipped over sunk. on top of them crushing all of them don't know if we'll give this another try.
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>> water can be so un unpredictable, no. also from florida, a strange encounter in a bathroom at a home in ft. lauderdale. if you're creepy-crawly, it gives you the iggy-jiggy. they hang out in the sun all day and not supposed to be indoors. it was in the pipe in a toilet where the plumber found one. >> i thought it was a toy then it started moving around. >> i didn't want to through a roof vent then got stuck and looked for the largest possible opening to escape. the family is closing off that roof vent. good idea. >> i bet. all right, we'll turn to sports now. the nba finals return tonight. warriors, cavs tied at a game apiece right here on abc. >> as for some of last night's action here is our guy at espn. >> i'm robert flores. we start game three stanley cup final, the tampa bay lightning
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visiting the chicago blackhawks. blackhawks able to get one win in tampa. now back at home but the lightning get a goal with 3:11 left from cedric paquette. his second straight game of the goal. first career game winning goal and 25th postseason game. lightning win, 3-2. they lead the best of seven, 2-1. women's world cup opening against australia. tied at 1. christen press her 21st international goal in 46 games. sydney leroux, that was the go-ahead goal. megan rapinoe, two goals including this one to make it 3-1. she's the first united states player with two goals in a world cup game in a women's world cup game since abby wambach in 2007. the u.s. win their opener, 3-1. next live "sportscenter" coming your way 9:00 a.m. eastern on espn.
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listerine®. power to your mouth™! ♪ all right, time for us to check "the pulse" starting with jerry seinfeld. he is ruling out there's one place you will never see him perform. where is it? on a college campus.
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>> why is that. he told espn he avoids colleges because they are too politically correct. seinfeld explains teens and college kids don't understand what it means to throw around certainly politically correct terms. >> they want to use these word that's racist sexist prejudice. they don't know what they're talking about so jerry seinfeld is not coming to a college near you. very true. now to this big birthday party. kanye west turning 38. not a huge milestone but big enough for his wife to get him his own nba all-star game. she rented out the staples center inviting a few friends, just a couple to play a west versus east game in custom-made jerrys. >> russell westbrook, john wall were in the game. you know since they're not still playing. they might as well show up there. justin bieber is number 20 in there, right, in the center as always. then kobe magic, shaq all sent
4:23 am
videos to playen 0 the jumbotron and john legend did the singing of "happy birthday" but he blew out the candles on the cake shaped like an nba trophy. >> they've got the money. you can rent out the staples center there you go. a picture to show you that's going viral of -- this is a fantastic picture if you haven't seen it. the president chilling with german chancellor angela merkel. >> yes, this was taken at the g-7 summit in bavaria. with her arms stretched out people are quickly pointing out she looks like julie andrews in "the sound of music." the hills are alive. >> everybody starts making these memes and flooded internet from the iconic movie to see two leaders kind of in a very relaxed moment. >> come on it looks like a come on moment. finally, talk about a show stealer. oh, she is just 6 years old and
4:24 am
from north carolina, take a look at this. ♪ what you want you know i got it ♪ ♪ all imasking is for a little respect just a little bit just a little bit ♪ ♪ ooh your kisses ♪ >> whoo! >> too much. can't take it. can't take it. this little joanna is at her dance recital. she owns the classic right there, aretha franklin's "respect" getting plenty after that performance. >> yeah her mom calls joanna feisty and bubbly. who doesn't agree the routine got a standing ovation. oh the whole recital. look at her shake it. shake it. oh, own it. she's got the walk down too. man. okay for some of your local "newsweek" is next. >> the rest of you are stuck with us. why don't you let joanna take us to commercial break.
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>> ♪♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. it's tuesday, june 9th and we're on several stories this morning. first up former speaker of the house dennis hastert will appear in public today in federal court. this will be the first time we've seen him since he was faced with charges. authorities say he made a legal move then piling up hush money, money they say he paid to hide a sexual secret. we're live on the scene of a devastating fire. it's damaged or destroyed 20 homes in new jersey. also new this morning the man who police say has been arrested for drinking and driving for a seventh time. we've also got your weather, traffic and more. "action news" is up in two. >> ♪♪ te yes, she is 1 of the thousands who ended up with a dip problem ma. >> one thing sets this woman apart from all the others. we'll let kabc's leo stallworth
4:28 am
fill in the details from there. >> reporter: among the many graduates at the college of the canyons is 99-year-old doretha daniels. >> there's no better example of doreths. >> reporter: daniels the oldest graduate in the college's history. >> graduates today from college of the canyons with an associate degree in social science. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you very much. you inspired me to keep going and 99, here i am. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: it took daniels seven years to finish taking a few classes at a time beginning in 2009. there were challenges. she had a couple of strokes. she lost her driver's license. but she still persevered. and she's always been an inspiration to everybody in the
4:29 am
family. >> reporter: her family made sure she got to school especially for her 99th birthday party in april. >> getting this degree what does this mean to you? >> well, i did it. that's amazing. >> i'm really glad i graduated with her. it's awesome. >> she's inspirational to everyone. like, i don't know how she did it. >> reporter: from the great depression world war ii civil rights movement and the moon landing, daniels has lived through it. if you could say anything to the young whipper snappers out there. >> don't give up. do it. and don't let anybody discourage you. say that i'm going to do it and do it for yourself. >> reporter: leo stallworth news. >> that's kept her young. >> jotting notes. writing that down. i'll hold on to that for today. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." everybody have a great tuesday.
4:30 am
>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning. here's what's happening here on this tuesday, june 9th. a massive fire has destroyed more than a dozen homes nearly 60 people no longer have a roof over their heads. we are live with the latest. >> a community demands a texas officer to be fired for his actions at a pool party while others come to his defense. >> and a delaware county teen is being hailed a hero after this quick thinking saved another man's life. >> good morning everyone, it's 4:30 on this tuesday. let's see what those storms are doing. not much right now i would imagine. david and karen have the latest. >> looks like the worst was last evening.


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